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Dan’s Fish, Inc., sources the fine caviar delicacies from various fish species such as lake whitefish, lake herring and lake chubs – all from the North American Great Lakes. The company does the initial processing of the fish eggs within hours of the catch to maintain the high quality of the delicate pearls. Dan’s Fish, Inc., also sources salmon roe from the wild Alaskan salmon producers and manufactures local “löjrom” in Russia. After initial sourcing and processing, all roe is shipped to Seafood International where the eggs undergo the final processing by the field professionals. This secondary processing stage includes product cleaning on the light table, quality review, and packaging according to customer specifications: packaged either frozen into 50 gr, 80 gr, 100 gr jars or 1 kg containers or pasteurized into glass jars.

Whitefish roe / Sikrom / Siiamäti
Coregonus Clupeaformis

Whitefish from the Great Lakes produce the Whitefish Caviar, also called American Golden. The Whitefish Caviar has a crunchy texture, a crisp clean flavor, and is a beautiful apricot color. The golden color and small crisp texture make this caviar an added asset to any meal. These small, crisp berries have a delicate, lightly salty flavor and are wonderful on new potatoes, with sour cream or simply alone.  Whitefish Caviar is excellent on crackers, but it also adds flourish to a wide variety of foods. It is often added to sauces and spreads, or used as a garnish for hors d’oeuvres, salads, and fish dishes.



Chub roe / Löjrom / Muikunmäti
Coregonus Hoyi

Chubs from the Great Lakes produce the Chub Caviar. The Chub Caviar is similar to the Whitefish Caviar, but has smaller, more orange colored berries that are not as crunchy. Chub roe, just as Whitefish roe, is used in daily gourmet cooking as well as in traditional cuisine in Scandinavian markets. The addition of this golden caviar gives any dish a special touch and appearance.


Lake Herring roe
Coregonus Artedii

Lake herring or Northern Cisco lives in the cold water lakes in North America. The small orange eggs of the fish are very similar in appearance and taste to the chub roe from the Great Lakes. The mild, buttery eggs are a true mouth watering delicacy extremely highly valued in Scandinavia.




Salmon roe

Delicate Salmon roe, called Ikura in Japan, is highly prized by caviar lovers around the world. The roe comes from the wild salmon caught from the cold northern waters surrounding Alaska. The juicy reddish-orange colored eggs are very flavorful and make a gourmet hors d’oeuvre or a colorful garnish for first course or main course dishes.

We offer four different species of wild Alaskan Salmon:
• king salmon (oncorhynchus tshawytscha)
• pink salmon (oncorhynchus gorbuscha)
• chum salmon (oncorhynchus keta)
• coho salmon (oncorhynchus kisutch).



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