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IQF (Individually quick frozen) fish fillets are all processed and frozen within hours of catch. Most fillets are frozen in nitrogen tunnels to maintain optimum freshness and to ensure the highest quality. Each fillet is individually inspected for quality and consistency and then sized carefully for the specific customer orders and packaged. The net weight and yields are guaranteed on all products. Besides the IQF products, vacuum-packed whitefish fillets are also offered. Fresh whitefish fillets are caught daily by the local Door County fishermen. The fish are then processed and vacuum packed to maintain high quality fillet storage.


Perca is the genus of fish referred to as perch or yellow perch, a group of freshwater fish belonging to the family Percidae. Perch, of which there are three species in different geographical areas, lend their name to the largest order of vertebrates: the Perciformes, from the Greek perke meaning perch, and the Latin forma meaning shape. Many other species of fish are also called "perch." Perch size can vary greatly between bodies of water, but adults are usually between 4-10 inches (10-25.5 cm) in length and weigh about 5.29 oz (150 g) on average. The perch can live for up to 11 years, and older perch are often much larger than average; the maximum recorded length is 21.0 inches (53.3 cm) and the largest recorded weight is 4.2 lb (1.91 kg). Spawning occurs at the end of April or beginning of May, depositing 5,000 to 100,000 eggs upon weeds, or the branches of trees or shrubs that have become immersed in the water. After fertalization the eggs hatch in 11 to 27 days depending on temperature and other weather conditions. 

IQF Yellow Perch single fillets, small YPFS-S 10# or 11#
IQF Yellow Perch single fillets, medium YPFS-M 10# or 11#
IQF Yellow Perch single fillets, large YPFS-L 10# or 11#
IQF Yellow Perch single fillets, x-large YPFS-XL 10# or 11#
IQF Yellow Perch butterfly fillets, small YPFB-S 10# or 11#
IQF Yellow Perch butterfly fillets, medium YPFB-M 10# or 11#
IQF Yellow Perch butterfly fillets, large YPFB-L 10# or 11#
IQF Yellow Perch butterfly fillets, x-large YPFB-XL 10# or 11#
IQF European Perch single fillets, small PFS-S 11#
IQF European Perch single fillets, medium PFS-M 11#
IQF European Perch single fillets, large PFS-L 11#
IQF European Perch butterfly fillets, small PFB-S 11#
IQF European Perch butterfly fillets, medium PFB-M 11#
IQF European Perch butterfly fillets, large PFB-L 11#


Pike-perch originates from the pristine European waters. It resembles pike with its elongated body and head, and the perch with its spiny dorsal fin. Pike-perch, however, is not, as is commonly beleved, a pike and perch hybrid.
    This specie has earned its popularity through its delectable taste, consistent quality due to faster and more skillful processing, reliable availability and its superior value.
    Pike-perch is often compared by the culinary experts to the local walleye. The close physical appearance and indistinguishable taste make these two fish immense competitors. From 1993 on, pike-perch has grown its market share in the US immensely, creating jealousy among its major competitor – walleye. In an effort to protect the walleye market, much undeserved negative marketing has been directed towards pike-perch. Despite the struggles, pike-perch continues to amaze the market with its superior attributes. 

IQF Pike-perch fillets, 1 oz (20-40 gr) EW1 11#
IQF Pike-perch fillets, 1-2 oz (40-60 gr) EW1-2 11#
IQF Pike-perch fillets, 2-4 oz (60-110 gr) EW2-4 11#
IQF Pike-perch fillets, 4-6 oz (110-170 gr) EW4-6 11#
IQF Pike-perch fillets, 6-8 oz (170-225 gr) EW6-8 11#
IQF Pike-perch fillets, 8-10 oz (225-280 gr) EW8-10 11#
IQF Pike-perch fillets, 10-12 oz (280-335 gr) EW10-12 11#
IQF Pike-perch fillets, 12-14 oz (335-400 gr) EW12-14 11#


Bluegill is a species of freshwater fish and a member of the sunfish family. It is native to a wide area of North America, and has been widely transplanted for faming and sport fishing. Bluegill’s most notable feature is the blue and black “ear”, actually an extension of the fill cover called the opercular flap. Its name, however, comes from the bright blue edging visible on its gill rakers. It can be distinguished from similar species by the (not always pronounced) vertical bars along its flanks. The bluegill grows to a maximum overall length of approximately 40 cm (16 in).

The cities of San Francisco, New York, and Washington have utilized bluegills for monitoring their water supply from nonbiological toxicants such as pesticides, mercury, cyanide, heavy metals, fuel spills and phosphates. Fish cough by flexing their gills to expel unwelcome particles, like grains of sand, from their breathing passages. Sensitive instruments listen for unusual amounts of coughing. The American Army has given this device the commercial name "1090 Intelligent Aquatic BioMonitoring System."

Bluegill IQF fillets BG IQF 10# or 11#


Lake whitefish, are freshwater whitefish of North America, members of the salmon family. They are found throughout much of Canada and parts of the northern United States of Minnesota and Michigan, including the Great Lakes. Their coloration is olive-green to blue on the back, with silvery sides. They have a small mouth below a rounded snout, and a deeply forked tail. On average, they reach 18”. They are found in freshwater lakes where they prefer deep, cool water. Natural predators include burbot, lake trout and northern pike. Whitefish are primarily bottom feeders that eat crustaceans, snails, insects and other small aquatic organisms.

IQF Whitefish fillets IQF WFF 10# or 11#
Whitefish vacuum-packed fillets, 6-8 oz V/P 6-8 WFF 10# or 11#
Whitefish vacuum-packed fillets, 8-10 oz V/P 8-10 WFF 10# or 11#
Whitefish vacuum-packed fillets, 10-12 oz V/P 10-12 WFF 10# or 11#
Whitefish vacuum-packed fillets, 12-14 oz V/P 12-14 WFF 10# or 11#

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