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Seafood International offers either existing packaging options or manufactures product in customer specific packaging. The frozen products are generally packaged into plastic jars in various volumes (80 gr, 100 gr, 1 kg, etc.) and the pasteurized products are packaged into 100 gr glass jars. We are committed to work with each customer to choose the best packaging options to fulfill the specific customer needs.  Seafood International also subcontracts with various design and packaging companies to provide you best quality and lowest price.

1 kg plastic jar
Packaged: 6 frozen jars in a white cardboard master case, shrink wrapped on a pallet

100 gr plastic jar
Packaged: in small cardboard capsels, 40 capsels per master case

100 gr glass jar
Packaged: 48 pasteurized jars in a master case


    Custom packaging for 100 gr frozen caviar capsels
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